How To Prepare For A Kitchen Remodel

It’s unavoidable – a kitchen or bathroom remodel will disturb your daily routine. The trick is to minimize the disruption. With Kustom Kitchens and Bath Shoppe taking the lead, the project is sure to run smoothly. Through the years we have learned some techniques and tricks that will help ensure you can carry on with your life with as few inconveniences as possible.

Dine Out

Make a list of all those restaurants you have been wanting to try. They will become a great alternative to the microwave.

Cook Easy Meals

Choose menus that are easy to prepare in a microwave or outdoor grill. If you have to have your coffee in the morning, be sure the coffee pot, coffee and filters are handy. Paper plates and cups make cleaning up easy.

Bring Your Own Water

You may be without water for a short time, so either bottle or buy bottled water to have on hand.

Make It Fun

Where will meals be eaten? Investing in some TV trays might be helpful. Tell the kids you will be “picnicking” for a while.

Remember The Little Thing

Keep utensils and small appliances (can opener) out. Don’t forget about the basics like butter, salt, pepper and other spices.

Keep Your Temporary Kitchen Clean

Decide where your temporary kitchen will be during the construction. This area should be well protected from sawdust and other construction materials. Cover kitchen doorways, that lead to other rooms, with plastic. Decide where kitchen clean-up will occur. Where will the fridge be located?

Decide On Storage

Decide where cabinets and appliances can be stored between delivery and installation. A garage is a good location.

Keep Track Of Items

Pack up the kitchen/bathroom and mark boxes. Keep the items that you will be needing handy and well marked. Other items can be stored away.

Protect Your Valuables

Box up anything that might be damaged or hard to clean, from construction dust.

Leave Important Toiletries Out

If you are remodeling a bathroom – keep things out like you would for a trip. Don’t forget medicines or the hairdryer.

Where Will The Dog Stay?

Don’t forget about your pets. You may need to crate them while you are gone or treat them to a day at doggie day care.

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